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Quantifying the previously unquantifiable to help you improve team performance

WinningMinds analyses your meetings to reveal clear, consistent and granular data on how your workforce communicates and collaborates, enabling organisations to build their own intelligence capability for team analytics. A revolutionary and democratising application for your workplace.


 “Businesses need meetings and effective and productive meetings need WinningMinds. The utility and application of the platform is exponential. So far, we’ve saved two months of work time for every manager.”

COO, Telecoms


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WinningMinds at-a-glance



Activate the WinningMinds platform during your meeting


The intelligent components of the platform analyse the communication


Receive your report on how the team performed and know your next steps


A feature rich developmental platform for the life of your business

Clarity, knowledge and seamless collaboration underpin performance at its highest. WinningMinds uses 20 AI models to deliver meeting data in four key areas:



Reveal if your teams are achieving their goals and collaborating effectively.


Understand how a team collaborates and the culture it operates in.


Ensure your teams are working together, inclusive of all.


See how quickly a team grows and adapts.


Key features


Meeting health diagnostics

See the overall health of your meetings, a workplace wellness metric. Benchmark meeting excellence and maximise meeting efficiency.

An organisational knowledge bank

A central encyclopaedic knowledge in one accessible place to locate your experts, instantly. Simply enter the topic or issue you want to know about into the search function to see who’s talking about it.

Past decisions & solutions log

Reminds you of past decisions and their effectiveness so you don’t make the same mistake twice. See what worked before and what didn’t.


Risk mitigation

Reports on risk mitigation strategies and the solutions discussed as well as flagging areas of blindspot. Moving positive and negative unknowns on to your radar.

Meeting Costs

Discover the real ROI of your meetings. Use the platform to calculate the cost-benefit of your meetings, to usher in greater efficiency and more effective participation.


Elevate team performance with WinningMinds