We help businesses become

their very best


We want to make business better – for everybody


We’re here to champion collaboration, encourage effectiveness, and create positive, inspiring workplaces where people meet their full potential. Our goal is to create conscious organisations: businesses that are built upon a culture of trust, creativity and connection.


 Our clients are multinational corporations with considerable human capital management requirements, across the sectors of Pharmaceuticals, Tech & Telecoms, Banking Services & FMGC.

We also regularly partner with consulting and coaching firms who incorporate the WinningMinds platform into their organisational performance programs.



WinningMinds is funded and supported by some of UK’s most established and award winning Early Stage funds.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 834283.


Ethical people analytics


WinningMinds delivers people analytics for good; for the benefit of human beings and business. We work towards a clear purpose – that of better communication in the workplace. Trust and transparency are key. Your data is secure and confidential.

Our intent is that employees should be aware of their data, its purpose and why it is used, to leverage it for their own progress, learning, acting and improving; transforming the way we communicate in the workplace to make business better for all.