Better communications to drive business

WinningMinds is the only conversational analysis platform that uses AI to deliver accurate meeting analytics to improve team collaboration and performance.

Our AI learns and grows alongside you, delivering an objective picture of how your company, leaders and teams operate, identifying performance blindspots, behavioural patterns and collaboration dynamics so you can learn, act and improve.


Generate a better ROI for your meetings

Recover thousands of lost hours to realign your priorities towards growth

Email, collaboration software tools… for all our technical advances in the workplace, meetings remain the place where organisations communicate, where collaboration is tangible and where the majority of business decisions are made.


In the last 50 years the amount of time we spend in meetings has more than doubled, a rise which is not matched by an equivalent increase in productivity. Dysfunctional meetings have become a top complaint of employees and the price we are paying for them is huge – costing UK and US businesses:

$457 billion a year *


Of meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Executives spend an average of nearly 23 hours a week in them.


Say meetings keep them from completing their own work or come at the expense of deep thinking.

62 %

Say meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together


Harvard Business Review July 2017


We can’t get rid of meetings, but we can make them infinitely better

WinningMinds enables businesses to recover the thousands of hours lost in ineffective meetings, enabling individuals and teams to get on with their work, establish a clear path forward and build a relevant and proprietary databank to create winning teams.


Do right by your people

Free up their time from poor meetings so they can achieve more.


What our customers are saying


“I now start a discussion with people which is not about how I feel or what I observe, instead it’s a discussion backed by undisputable data. That’s powerful.”

Country GM, Pharma.

“I saved weeks with WinningMinds, enabling us to deliver to the client faster, whilst assembling a team with all the competencies required.”

Partner, Executive Recruitment


Elevate team performance with WinningMinds


*Doodle, The State of Meetings Report, 2019. Based on an analysis of 19 million meetings.

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